Wednesday, August 13, 2014

autumnal suggestions.

the sky, the air, the breeze today. the angle of our star, the sun. it's starting.
all these things have that 'feel' to them... that pre-autumnal essence, the beginnings of the very best time of year.

the yawnings before awakening the splendor, however temporary, of the fiery blaze and ever-present comfort of cooler nights, drawing us nearer to our loved ones, watching fires blaze, fingers entwined; over-sized sweaters, warm spiced beverages, the playful nip of brisk air at our cheeks, all awash with the cozy gold of the season of fallen leaves and bluest skies.

oh, how wistful i always am for the return of autumn.


Anonymous said...

I adore how seasons change, and fall has a particular kind of peace to it.

Anonymous said...

Autumn has come, and gone, and summer knocking on the door.

Anonymous said...