Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who likes change, anyway?

I do.

And there has been a lot of it.  There was a great need for it, in all truth.

There still is.  And much change is on the way.
Of course, anyone who once followed this blog would be scratching their head right now.  "Change," you ask?  "What change?  Why?  I forgot you even existed!"  Yes, I am still here.  Different.  Stronger and more fierce and much more emphatic about seizing life and living it to the fullest, however possible.

General statements, I realize, but when you have lived life in years of abuse, abandon, neglect, and passive wanting for a fuller life, more whole and happy and, well, something livable...  You step out from behind the mask of happiness, and reach around the screen behind which you hide, and revoke your falsehoods and smear the make-up and mascara with cleansing tears.  You say enough is enough.  You no longer rely on man or spirit or painting or verse.  You rely on yourself, because that is the only thing that ever got you through every terrible thing you have ever experienced.  You let your heart break and wait for it to heal, and break again, and heal again, as many times as it takes to propel you on your path within this life.  You start over.

I'm starting over.

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Anonymous said...

Much love and hope for you. Good to see you post again.