Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Food Recap

For today, I just want to talk about food.
I always want to talk about food! Without sounding like a glutton, I'd like to say how much I love and appreciate good food. On Friday, as we had money for groceries finally, I went to Whole Foods to stock up. And I spent at least 30-45 minutes at the cheese counter alone. Gasp, cheese! Yes. I had been too long without one of my favorite things, the main reason why I can never be a full vegan. I love cheese. So there I was, sampling different raw and unpasteurized cheeses from the United States and Europe-- cheddars, gruyeres, chevres, bries, and so on. Cow's milk cheese, goat's milk cheese, local cheeses... I was in cheese heaven. And the attendants probably couldn't wait for me to just pick my favorites and go. I settled on a goat cheese brie, called Humboldt Fog, from California. It was my favorite, I think. I also picked a cave-aged gruyere from Europe. And lastly, a cloth-aged sharp, crumbly, perfect cheddar. I normally love English vintage cheddars, and even Australia and New Zealand have amazing ones. But this one was American-made, and still so, so good. I picked different fruits to accompany, and also selected an organic French baguette, and organic challah. Because I also love bread. There, I said it. Try as I may, I can never really stop eating cheese and bread. I had a lot of fun grocery shopping that day. I even found a $5 organic red wine, so I got that, too. I really wanted to enjoy some good food with my husband since we never go out to eat or get to have things like that often. You probably think I spent a fortune, right? Wrong. I bought all those things and then also the items I normally get, and still was within our normal grocery budget. That was possibly the best part of all.

Pictured above, my three cheeses with pear, apple, grapes, baguette, and fig spread. And yes, that is the stem of a wine glass bearing our wonderful $5 Argentinian organic red table wine. It paired beautifully with everything.

I forgot to mention that prior to grocery shopping, I had lunch with a good friend at one of our favorite places, which she introduced me to several years ago. (And I ate there almost every day while pregnant with Caden. They have the best carrot cake EVER.) I got my favorite, a fabulous salad of local mixed greens, gorgonzola cheese, pears, black mission figs, walnuts, salmon, and a raspberry vinaigrette. Served with a side of rosemary foccacia, there was no way to be unhappy. And I got a pot of hot raspberry tea, which they serve with a lime slice on the teacup. Raspberry + lime = splendid, and the raw cane sugar is always the best sweetener. (Aside from raw honey.)

Saturday, we went to a friend's baby shower. And there was homemade chocolate cake. And strawberries. And raspberry tea. I love raspberry tea. And Caden had fun eating strawberries with me. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of how cute he was with strawberry juice all over his white shirt!

Yesterday, we had lunch with Jeff's sweet parents, and we went to have pizza. I ordered a harvest pizza, a seasonal special with butternut squash, nutmeg, olive oil and garlic with an arugula pesto. It was amazing, and my taste buds found themselves truly enthralled to be eating so much good food. Yet, after all the bread and cheese, I decided we should have a light and healthy dinner last night. (We had green smoothies for breakfast yesterday, though, and made a juice later after having the pizza but before dinner.)

Zucchini noodles, sauteed with garlic, salt, and pepper, seasoned with basil and oregano, and topped with a crushed tomato and basil sauce. A satisfying and light way to end a weekend of feasting.

I hope you all had as lovely and delicious of a weekend as I had!

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Salem Witch Child said...

I love cheese and bread too! If I could I'd eat it everyday. I'm not big on alcohol. DH doesn't drink so I don't get to indulge very much.