Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Blog Hop & More

I'm participating in the Little Love Weekend Blog Hop today! It's been a simple Saturday of knitting, good music, and time with my boys. I've been enjoying old favorites and new, bluegrass and folk and indie... Old Crow Medicine Show to Ryan Adams to Decemberists to Bright Eyes to Doves to Coldplay and more... I really miss just blasting good music while doing something I love (knitting, these days)-- and husband o' mine rocking out on his trusty electric guitar (which he was *this* close to parting with, but I told him to hold off because I know well enough how much he loves to create music). Baby boy has been in awe of both, trying to grab my yarn, then crawling over to his dad and trying to grab the guitar, the pedals, and the amp. So it's been interesting to keep his sweet little sticky fingers off of everything.

Here's what I've been knitting so far... Lots of infant/newborn hats. I absolutely love it, and it is relaxing and keeps both my mind and hands busy. They're going to make great gifts, and I am selling them, too. It's nice to be able to do something I enjoy that can likely generate a bit of income! So, that's my Saturday. Love to all!

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Kiyomi said...

I hope your blog hop went well :)

I wanted to let you know you are a recipient of the Liebster Blog award given to you by me…Woodworking Momma!! :)