Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Rise Up, O You Sleeper..."

"He makes all things new!"

I can never express adequately enough how much I will always love the music of Andrew Peterson. One of my favorite artists EVER. He can best be described as folk with a rock-ish hint every now and then, with beautiful orchestrations. Not a helpful description, huh? That means you'll just have to go look him up.

I am really loving the string of beautiful days we've been having. I can not express my joy at waking to a glorious autumn morning, with skies so blue, and crisp, clean air to breathe. As the golden dawn presents herself each morning, I sip on hot chamomile tea, inviting the day to bring what it will as I calmly take it all in. Being alive is really such an amazing thing.

We went for a walk yesterday along the Neuse River Trail. While we didn't walk the whole trail (which is approximately 9 miles long), we walked down 1.5 miles of it, knowing we had to turn back. It was absolutely beautiful, so peaceful, and the lush green of the trees and grass were mesmerizing. The river lends its life to all this greenery, flowing as an artery delivering vitality along every bend. It is my hope to someday drift along that river in a canoe or kayak, taking in the sights from the source itself.

The head of the trail.

Caden always gets exhausted by these lovely walks!

I had strange dreams last night, which is not such a new thing in itself, but they were filled with comets and shooting stars and friends and family, nighttime and far-away places. It may sound silly or girlish, but I've got a girl's heart, and a girl's dreams and innocence will never fade. I thought of writing about all the things I wish I could do but lament being unable to do. Instead, I decided I'd rather devote this time and space to the wonderful things that I can do and am able to enjoy with my loved ones. I refuse to waste another minute on letdowns or disappointments or wistful longing when my arms are already so full, my heart brimming over with blessings.

I hope this day and every finds you so very blessed.

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