Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the Road Again

Today, I will be heading out of town for a too-short visit with my mother. I am very excited to see her and for her to see her grandson, who is always changing and growing and delighting us all.

Caden awoke me this morning much earlier than I anticipated, but he must be excited to see his grandmother, too! So I am sitting here, having been awake a couple of hours, groggily racking my brain for the must-haves for this overnight excursion. Cloth diapers are in the dryer. Bags are packed for mommy and baby. Extra diapers and changes of outfits, suitable for any unforeseen weather changes. Prepared for rain. Toys and books to entertain baby boy. Baby carrier is in the car, as well as umbrella stroller. (Regrettably, our carrier is not well-suited for my big boy to ride in for long durations any longer, and if I can't find another affordable carrier, my little love will be consigned to ride in the stroller, about which my super crunchy granola attachment parenting self is not all that thrilled...) What else am I missing? Hopefully nothing. I always keep travel-size baby shampoo (organic solution scented with lavender) with me in case he gets insanely dirty for any reason, along with a little kit of my own making for baby first aid-- and of course, it's full of all things organic and natural to soothe and heal baby.

That gets me thinking-- I get so upset by all these companies that claim to be made for baby's sweet little body but still harbor chemicals and parabens and so forth, which are not good for baby at all! Johnson's baby lotions and shampoos are some of the most notorious, along with practically every other brand unless they are organic or truly all-natural. They must say "all-natural", not just "natural ingredients"... That's how they trick you. You have to read the ingredient list. The proof is right there, in the pudding, as they say. If I am going with store-bought baby items, I purchase California Baby or some Burt's Bees products. I also like the J/A/S/O/N - Earth's Best Organics baby care products. And of course, if you go to Whole Foods or some other similar natural health store with a body care section, they are well-stocked with baby care products that will not cause worry over the ingredients. If anything, you will get flustered at all that different things you want but can't have or don't need! I also purchased some of Caden's lotions and bum care products from local vendors at the farmers market. They are obviously locally-made, and have completely natural, if not organic, ingredients, as well as being scented with wonderful and beneficial essential oils, like lavender and tea tree oils, etc.

So, I think I'm prepared for our trip. And I even made sure to pack underwear and toothpaste. Love & blessings!

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