Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Knitting Up A Storm!

So, if you've been keeping track of my Facebook page for The Natural Mother, you'll know that I've been doing an awful lot of knitting lately!

Given to me by a sweet friend, my knitting supplies are my new-found passion and it looks like a yarn factory exploded in my living room. But I couldn't be happier! I've found something I love to do. And there is truly nothing quite like working with your hands. It relaxes me, gets me excited about really seeing the fruit of my labor rather than working endlessly toward some abstract goal... It really is amazing. My son also loves the yarn, but for different reasons. He's like a cat, chasing after my yarn! I'll throw him one yarn ball to play with, but no... He wants the yarn with which I am currently knitting something. He's so silly.

If anyone is interested in ordering any hand-knit hats or other things, I am eager to test out the boundaries of my new skill, with plans to knit legwarmers, infant sleep sacks with matching hats, and more. (I can't say everything I want to make because the recipient of said proposed item may be reading this, and... well, some things need to be a surprise, as awful as I am at keeping surprises/secrets.) But really, I would love to make something for you and your loved ones. I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it, and I've just been knitting up a storm for the last several days!

I'll leave you with some of my completed work. Much love!

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Leslie said...

Love these!! You need to teach me out to knit :) Oh!! And, thank you for my blog award!!! I completely forgot to respond to you about that! SORRY!!!!
Love you!