Monday, October 3, 2011

If my heart could sing...

...Today, it would!
(And I've been singing aloud to Feist and Fleetwood Mac, too. Haha.)

I had such a blessed and wonderful weekend. Friday was somewhat of a laid-back day. That evening, I made lentil & vegetable soup (the first of two times over the weekend... it was a soup weekend). Saturday morning I went to a Tashlich service as a follow-up to Rosh Hashanah. We met at the head of the Neuse River and sang a few songs, listened to a brief message, and then went to throw bread crumbs in the river. The symbolism of this is that during the Jewish New Year, all debts are forgiven by men and sins forgotten by God (think out with the old, in with the new). The bread represents the sins, rushing away downstream, never to be seen again (likely eaten by a fish or fast bird or possibly just disintegrated). I took pumpkin raisin bread for everyone in addition to some things that others brought.

After this, we went to a small farmers market that takes place close-by on Saturdays. We got there just as the vendors were packing up their goods to leave,
and I only had $2.00 in change in my bag. I got a Rosa Bianca eggplant (if you've never seen them, they are beautiful). The vendor had a LOT of okra left, and I was trying to dig through for any extra money that might afford me just a few pieces of okra. She ended up just dumping the whole box in my bag and told me not to worry about it! It was a tremendous blessing and so very kind of her. So I ended up with at least $5.00 of food (I think probably more) for just $2.00. Then I went home and had some leftover lentil stew and waited for my husband to get home. When he did, we went to the large farmers market in Raleigh with his parents.

As you can see, Caden had fun!

My husband somehow had a $10 bill in his wallet, and neither of us even knew it was there. So that allowed us to buy some local goat cheese, local sourdough bread, some regionally harvested apples, and a watermelon! I couldn't believe it. I had some things at home to make butternut & acorn squash soup, so we went home to enjoy some of our market finds.

Local Butternut & Acorn Squash & Apple Soup!

This soup was so very wonderful & extremely, awesomely good! (Lots of adjectives, I know!) In the interest of keeping today's entry shorter, and to leave you all hanging, I'll post a recipe for it tomorrow!

Yesterday, we had leftover soup with a watermelon & avocado salad, as a sort of "goodbye, summer" salad with a "hello, fall!" soup!

We went for a walk as it was so beautiful yesterday (the whole weekend was, really, and the beauty has continued into today!!) And for dinner last night? Yep, more soup! It was a soup-erb weekend! Haha... Lentil vegetable stew again, this time with our amazing okra and some brown rice, along with the usual ingredients, except I haven't used spinach the last few times as I have been saving it for our green breakfast smoothies.

I will leave you with a cute picture of my two loves, my baby and his daddy. I thought this was such a sweet moment. I love them both so much.

We may not have much money, but I am wealthy beyond words. God is a God of abundance and love. See you all tomorrow!

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Dana Jean said...

Such a wonderful blog; enjoy reading your stuff so much! Thanks for the good menu ideas!