Friday, October 21, 2011

Freeze-Frame Friday: Firsts!

Now, before I get any images uploaded, I have to say: it is cold this morning. And so, I made coffee. It is a rare thing for me to make coffee. But the smell of freshly-ground beans that were roasted just right, given the perfect amount of organic cane sugar and almond milk... It is a happy taste (and scent) on a chilly morning, indeed. I normally prefer hot chai, but I have none at the moment. So organic whole bean coffee was in the cabinet, and thus, I knew it was calling to me.

Now that I sound like a total coffee nut/caffeine addict, which I'm really not, let's proceed, shall we?

Caden & NaNa (pronounced nay-nay because of my mom's name shortened to a grandmotherly cuteness) -- Caden is blurry because that kid is practically always on the move, and any still shots of him these days are a miracle.

Playing with his new ball from NaNa. He loves it! So now he has his first ball.

And Caden making a very funny face just moments after his first carousel ride. He was so cute during the ride. When I placed him on the horse, he immediately held on and sat very still, mesmerized the entire time. (I was worried he might be wiggly/squirmy, like he sometimes is when he gets excited.) As small as he is, he sat very tall in the saddle. My little equestrian-- even if it wasn't a real horse.

So, that's it for today! Happy Friday and much love to you all!

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