Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dandelion Baby Review!

Imagine my joy and surprise upon arriving home yesterday and seeing what I got in the mail-- Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods for Baby organic, naturally-made toys for reviewing!

Meet our new crinkle bat & crinkle pumpkin counting book! If one is going to have any Halloween items around, these are the sorts to have. (This is in reference to my post from Monday regarding toxic chemicals and lead found in costumes, masks, and Halloween-themed items.)

The composition of these toys is not scary at all! The fabric of the toys is made from organic cotton. How awesome is that? And instead of the crinkly-fun inside being made from mystery chemicals and some weird toxic cellophane-ish substance (which is the petroleum-based polyfill), their stuffing is made from corn! And all fibers and dyes are toxin-free! This makes me a very happy natural mother. And Caden is pretty happy, too!

At first, he was skeptical, as some babies are of strange new toys. But as you can see, it didn't take him long to warm up to them. He is utterly intrigued with the crinkle hidden within, and the soft surface of the toys keep his fingers busy with curiosity. And for those moments when the toys make it to his sweet little mouth, I don't have a million fears running through my head about what harmful toxins may be coursing their way through his body via salivary intake...

He is in love with these fun new toys, just as I am (and have been!) in love with Dandelion's wonderful products and truly amazing offerings for our little loved ones. They truly demonstrate in a myriad of ways that they care about the health and happiness of the little ones we're raising in this world, and they care for the world in which these little ones live. I am so thankful for the mission and work of the Dandelion team!

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