Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cloth Diaper Deals

Yesterday, I found one of the best cloth diaper deals I've found in a long while. I'm not surprised, given where they came from, because this particular local children's re-sale store always has the best prices and wonderful finds. I love doing business there. It is my absolute favorite. So, on to my find... I got two Thirsties covers, size 2 (fits 18 lbs. to 40 lbs.), in the Blackbird and Retro Owl prints-- never used, mind you-- for $4.99 each! And I also got 7 Hemp Babies hemp inserts and one hemp prefold for $11.99! I could not believe this deal for Thirsties covers and hemp. So, I went down there as soon as I could and bought them. She still has more amazing covers and lots of inserts, but I want to give someone else the chance to get them so that 1. they can have them if I need them and 2. it helps me to not spend all my money at one time... Haha. It really was amazing, though. And I was very happy to have found this deal, and even happier that someone took some of their gently used/new cloth diapers there! Caden will get so much use out of these!

Aren't they cute?! If I've never said it before, I love cloth diapering, and besides really helping us financially, I love how cute and durable they are, that I'm not putting some disposable full of awful chemicals against my baby's skin, and they have great re-sale value-- plus, I know I'm not contributing to the disgusting amounts of heaping human waste in landfills. So, yay for cloth diapering!

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A Soldier's Sweetheart said...

That is a great deal, I've been looking into it, and I think once all my diapers that I have are gone that I am going to start cloth diapering. Hopefully I can find some stores around Savannah or Augusta like you did.