Saturday, October 8, 2011

Appalachian Longing

I miss the mountains. If I could declare that my heart nestle itself in any worldly home, it would surely find itself in the old, majestic Appalachian mountains, more specifically the southern ranges, aged and glorious peaks steeped in foggy mystery, folklore and innumerable seasons of the earth. With autumn being my favorite season, autumn's voyage through the closing of the year is seemingly incomplete without an excursion to my home away from home. I fear my physical eyes will not set their sight upon those magical hills this year, but the eyes of my heart know them well-- each bend and curve in the mountain roads is well-etched in my memory, the climb in elevation, the roadside cider stands, the trees stooping as aged guardians watching sweetly over passers-through... And foliage unlike anything I've ever seen. If you venture into the hills this autumn, take my heart with you on your journey and allow my mind's eye to marvel with you at the wonder of God's creation.

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