Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

With everything going on lately (both in the the blogging/Facebook world and in my own home life), I figured today would be an excellent day to re-cap some great thrifty savings I've found in the last week.

As some of you may know, my mother came to visit last week, and then I went home with her to visit the rest of my family, with my husband coming later to pick us up. Well, my mother and I make one great thrifty savings team, let me tell you! We found bargain after bargain as we explored different shops, some familiar to me and some new to us both. We found clothes, toys, books, a take-along baby seat that attaches to the table instead of using a highchair, a bed rail (because we co-sleep), and more. Of all the great savings we were continually blessed with, I think the highlight was one place we went in my hometown. As we walked in, they gave us a big reusable shopping bag and told us to fill it full of whatever we wanted for a whopping sum of $3.00!! So you can bet we did just that. My mom found things for 4 of my little cousins, I got tons of cute things for my own son, clothes for me and my husband, sewing patterns (because I have been reunited with my sewing machine... now I just have to figure out how to get it up and running again!), a vintage clutch purse, a book for my son, some great apple-themed kitchen shams that I am going to turn into autumn aprons, and even more! It was unbelievable!

Aforementioned old sewing machine:

So, my son has clothes now to last him the next two years-- no joke. Between the thrift shops and a few family hand-me-downs, and kids consignment sales, my son has everything he needs clothing-wise. I am thinking we'll have to get more cloth diapers, of course, but I have time to try and save up for those. Anyone who knows me personally knows I love my son's fluff, and cloth diapering is one of the most fun and wonderful things that I do for my son, in my opinion. My husband likes to tease me about the fact that he never even really has to change or clean diapers just because I love doing it so much, and his friends joke that they hope their future wives have as much zeal for it as I do.

Anyway, that sums up today's Thrifty Thursday post! Don't forget to enter in the Green Line Diapers giveaway, as you only have 6 days left! Have a blessed and wonderful day, everyone!

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