Saturday, September 3, 2011


Oh, how long the days seem! It feels like it's been forever since I posted, even though it was just yesterday morning.

This morning, I woke up unusually early, so I decided it might be a good day to go yard-sale-ing and possibly to the farmers market. So, away we went in search of good sales, hoping to find gems in the rough. And there were no gems to be found, unfortunately. So then we went to the closest Goodwill store, and again met with disappointment. However, this disappointment was not at the lack of that special gem... I found it, for certain. However, there was a misgiving about the pricing. I don't understand why they post the prices on the big signs hanging from the ceiling and then make up a different, more expensive price at the cash register. So the cute hooded sweater vest I had hoped to wear this winter was left behind. We opted not to go the farmers market because at this point it was getting late-- and since we relocated to a different side of town, the closest market does not feature organic or mostly sustainable vendors, unfortunately.

So we came home, and then I ventured out alone to run errands. I stopped by a second-hand kids' store I love, and the nearest used bookstore. I found some great things to compensate for the lack thereof earlier today. A cute autumn pumpkin outfit for the boy, a toy model airplane for daddy, a shirt for mommy, and an interesting book-- all for $5.00!! And... That's my Saturday thus far. Exciting, I know!

Things to look forward to:
*Some giveaways are stewing in The Natural Mother's pot!
*Autumn is on the way!
*Visiting with my family in Georgia next week!

I'm going to take tomorrow off from the blog to put the final touches on this coming week's theme! I'll leave you with images of Caden playing his little piano along with Veggie Tales. So cute!

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