Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Growing So Fast...

Well, it looks like it's started...

The furniture surfing/cruising has commenced and is in its beginning stages! My dear, sweet son has begun to pull himself up to standing with anything he can get close to-- the coffee table, the entertainment table, the couch... My legs... He's seriously growing up too fast! At barely 7.5 months old, he is already quite the mover, and his speed is only increasing as he zips this way and that on his sweet little hands and knees. I just can't believe it! While I didn't begin to walk until right about the 1 year mark, my husband began walking at 9 months of age. With Caden furniture-cruising at this point, he will likely be following in the toddling footsteps of his daddy. I want him to crawl as long as possible as I have long-heard that the right-left movement of crawling really helps to develop and facilitate the receptive learning/reading/comprehension skills within the brain. But if he seeks to go up, I can't very well force him down and make him crawl when all he seems to want to do is to stand up and ultimately walk around like everyone else around him!

His sharp little mind always amazes me. He is beginning to form words from sounds, and while he has been saying "hi" and "hey" (when he feels like it) for a little while, he now clearly says "da-da" and sometimes "daddy". ("Ma-ma" hasn't really come out too much, but that's okay as I know "da-da" is one of the first sounds most children make, anyway.) And he babbles all the time in his own little language, which is the most adorable sound, and he clearly is trying to mimic what he hears us say, tonal inflection, etc. So cute and intelligent!

And my little guy just constantly makes me fall more in love with him. He has long-been melting my heart by consenting to my kissing him when I say, "Can I have a kiss?" He'll look into my eyes with his sweet little grey-blue peepers and lean in with his mouth open-- that's how he kisses. And sometimes, he doesn't want to be kissed and will turn his head to the side or thrust up his hand against my face or mouth in daring (and humorous) protest! (I always like to ask for kisses rather than just forcefully kissing or touching him because I don't want to give him unwanted touch, based on something I read a while back...)

What are some things you do with your busy little guys and gals? Any fun little games you play? And general babyproofing aside, what are some recommendations you might have for this busy little man in his new-found hobby of climbing furniture?

Thanks all, and have a blessed Tuesday!

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Salem Witch Child said...

My son is 4 months old and just now starting to like tummy time. So we play on the floor. We also have the "beep" game where I touch his nose and say "beep". It makes him smile. We have the tongue game where I stick my tongue out and he does it too. I like to tickle his back and belly for a couple giggles. He's so cute!

Wyatt's legs have been super strong since birth. With assistance he can stand, and as far as saying anything, when he really wants me he'll say Mama. Its as clear as day! And he does it repeatedly so its not coincidence.

For babyproofing, I suppose just become your little guys shadow for now. :)