Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, Cool Weather, Elation!

My sweet boy is 'talking' in the background while playing with my mother, and it just warms my heart to hear that sweet voice! Had to open with that special little happiness...

I have no images to share today for any sort of 'Foodie Friday', unfortunately, though it would have been the perfect alliteration... Haha. This morning, I had a mango smoothie and some vanilla coconut milk, then had a raw granola snack (by Two Moms In The Raw while out with my sister) with an organic iced green tea, and for lunch I had strawberries, a plum, an orange, and a salad topped with broccoli and carrots with a white balsamic dressing. We're going to be meeting some family for dinner, so it will be tough to find something really healthy to eat in this small town. It will likely be a salad of some sort, but leaving off certain ingredients that are more risky to eat when not organic. I'll eat lots of things here before meeting them so I won't feel so hungry and desperate for something to eat later on. I just had a banana, in fact. Yum!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I've really been enjoying time with my family so far and have been enjoying this taste of cool weather in the South... Last night, under the bright and clear moonlight, I even felt chilly and was shivering a bit! And this morning, it was blissfully cool. What an amazing thing to have the first taste of autumn.

Well, I will likely not be posting the remainder of the weekend (unless I have some spare time-- today is a bit of a lazy day around here)... But I love you all!

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