Thursday, September 8, 2011

Foodie Week: Thursday + Travels

Good morning!

Well, today's post will be very brief as I've just finished packing my things to go out of town for the weekend. I'll be driving off as soon as I finish typing this!

Eat some fruit!
I think my favorite fruit these days is mango. Did you know? Mango helps to reduce body fat and control blood sugar! It is high in fiber, vitamins A & C, and other nutrients. (Source: "The Effects of Mango on Glucose & Lipid Parameters in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity" -- Study led by Edralin Lucas, PhD at Oklahoma State University.)

Lunch & Dinner:
Now, the next two meals I am posting can be interchanged for lunch or for dinner. Whatever you'd like! And as always, play with your food-- customize it to your tastes and preferences!

Black beans with quinoa, peach salsa, and salad (topped with soaked sunflower kernels, avocado, and a southwest vinaigrette). -- Prepare black beans and quinoa as usual. (We use bulk black beans and soak them prior to use rather than buying canned beans, but if you're in a time crunch, go ahead and get canned. You get a LOT more for your money in bulk if you're able to find them that way. They're usually $1.69/lb. for organic black beans at the local Whole Foods!) For the salsa, use a pint of organic heirloom cherry tomatoes, halved, with one ripe peach, peeled and cut into chunks. Add a dash of cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt to taste, splash of apple cider vinegar, dash of garlic powder, and cumin. The spices obviously can be adjusted to your taste. Make the salsa your own! If you don't like something I use or want to add something I didn't, try it out! That's what I love about food preparation. It's so versatile. (Things being too rigid in life really get me down, especially in the kitchen! Haha.) Place everything in food processor and blend together. Spoon over black beans and quinoa in desired amount and enjoy!!

Now, the 'soup' is another gazpacho. The truth: it's a combination of leftover pineapple gazpacho (I made another batch the day before yesterday and wanted to use it up) and the rest of the peach salsa. And it was SO good! You could also add mango, more peach, or leave it like it is! It makes such a refreshing gazpacho, with the best of both worlds-- tangy tomato and sweet pineapple and peach! That's a good summer soup, if you ask me.

For dessert, eat some grapes, or do a re-make on some of the desserts from earlier this week-- or make new batches! The possibilities are endless. The main thing is for you (and your stomach!) to enjoy the fine flavors of summer while really having something healthy and delicious. And trust me: healthy is NEVER a bad word when it is truly healthy-- organic, fresh, raw, and local if possible.

Much love!!

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