Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Chill In The Air!

Hello, sweet friends! It's been cool/chilly, windy, and even drizzly this weekend-- while I wish we were also having those gorgeous autumn-blue-sky days, I have loved this weather, too. It's been perfect for snuggling and hot tea! I have long-awaited summer's departure!

Well, with my various errands yesterday, I took the day off from the blog. But I was able to get some things done, including purchasing much-needed groceries, and finding a big-boy car seat on for my little guy-- I can't believe he's too big for his infant car seat! But this one has plenty of room for him to grow, and looks super comfortable. Not to mention safe! I was thankful for the deal I got on it considering how much they are brand new... Though much of what Caden has is second-hand, we are blessed to have across such great deals and awesome finds, because they are all like-new, and Caden doesn't mind. There's nothing a washing machine can't fix, anyway!

Anyway, with our groceries, I had a hankering for some "rawcos"-- my version of raw tacos. I go through phases where I eat them all the time, as in multiple times a week, and then go for a while without eating them. So last night, I had all the ingredients necessary and went for it for a simple, delicious, healthy and filling dinner.

The picture doesn't do it justice:

What you'll need: Food Processor
Ingredients: Hearts of romaine leaves, soaked walnuts (soaked pecans work well, too, and I also added soaked sunflower kernels that we had for a change in consistency), 1 lime or lime juice, diced fresh tomato, avocado, and whatever seasonings you would normally put in taco meat... Chili powder, cumin, cayenne, chipotle powder, garlic powder, paprika (for color), and sea salt. You can make it as spicy or mild as you like. Me? I prefer it somewhere in between! Place desired amount of nuts in food processor together with desired amount of seasonings, some lime juice, and process until a roughly textured coarse mixture. If you are making a lot or need to serve several people, you'll want to do this in 2 or more batches. Even after processing, I add more seasonings to mine-- usually just more garlic and chili powder and salt. The initial addition is to get the flavors infused with the enzymes of the soaked nuts. Then I place several romaine leaves on a plate, place desired amount of 'meat' in them, then add diced tomato and avocado. You can also add some carrot shreds, or if don't want it totally raw, you can add black beans or black olives or whatever else you like on tacos. Squeeze on more lime juice and top with sea salt. Then enjoy!! This is also good with home-made limeade! It gives you that margarita fresh flavor without the toxic tequila!

Well, I hope everyone has fun with the rawcos and enjoys the recipe! I'm hoping to catch a consignment sale today with some change from my jar in hopes of scoring a thrifty but nice winter coat for my son-- still haven't found one yet, and I've been to several thrift stores, consignment shops, and in search on Craigslist. I still have some time, though, so I'll hopefully come across one soon without paying an excessive amount for it!

Love and blessings to you all!

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Luisa said...

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