Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Ideas!

Hello and happy Thursday, all! Hopefully this finds you all well and blessed.

Today's entry will be rather brief, but firstly, I want to thank all of you who found my page via Facebook! In lieu of this, I am planning a little something to celebrate new fans and autumn, as both are very wonderful things! And it happens to start with a "g"... (Maybe an autumn giveaway, wink wink!) And I would be very glad of any sponsors willing to chip in for prizes! If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway item, please email me at kristen.rock {at} gmail {dot} com! More information will follow as plans become more sturdy. But spread the word!

Yesterday on my Facebook page, I asked what topics you would all like to see future posts cover. I was given these ideas: a week-long menu including recipes; tips for keeping organic foods in your budget; tips and recipes for kids to eat more raw foods; and homeopathic remedies for babies and toddlers! So, that is plenty to keep this mother busy! I plan to unroll each topic as a weekly theme and assignment for myself, most likely in the order the ideas were given to me. I want to give adequate time and preparation to each topic so that everyone can utilize, enjoy, and benefit from the ideas and information dispensed! Thank you all again for your wonderful ideas and suggestions!

And today I will leave you with images from a short little sunset walk with my sweet boy! Enjoy!

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Leslie Coxon said...

Love you blog sis!!! :) I have been meaning to email you...I want some good healthy smoothie recipes! Like that one you made at Christmas. Can you post a couple or email them to me?? Love you!!