Thursday, August 25, 2011

while we wait...

we're not entirely sure if we should go to my mother's house in georgia as hurricane irene approaches. we think we're far enough inland that we won't have too much to worry about, but they're still projecting winds of 40-50mph and possible power outages and such along with heavy rain (though heavy rain is not of much concern as it is expected to be only 2-3 inches here). so it may be better just to go and be on the safe side of things. in spite of this, we had a fairly good day. got groceries, which is always something to which i look forward-- who doesn't love filling their cart with awesome, beautiful, delicious organic fruits and vegetables? and this evening i made a quick run to a used bookstore to trade in some books for credit and found some really great books for caden! i got him two beatrix potter books, a children's book about the human body, and where the wild things are. they were all really well-priced, and i can't wait to go back to try and find more great books. anyway, should we decide to head south, it may pose limitations on my blogging. so hang in there, and as the saying goes, we'll play it by ear!

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