Wednesday, August 24, 2011

raw food + earthquakes!

okay, so i know everyone everywhere has now heard of the east coast earthquake experienced yesterday. being in raleigh, we were basically due south of the epicenter, and definitely felt the rumble. to be honest, though, i had no idea that was what it was; i thought my downstairs neighbors were doing something crazy in their garage (which is directly below our apartment), and i actually walked to the window, looked down toward their door, and said aloud, "what are you DOING?!" haha... it was about 10-15 minutes later that i realized what had really happened (thanks to facebook feeds becoming saturated with earthquake mentions). then i felt somewhat silly for blaming the neighbors for the noise (and crazy vibration). for once, they were not guilty.

about an hour before the earthquake, i had the above salad with a creamy raw almond-based vinaigrette. aren't the tomatoes just beautiful?! the color may be my favorite thing above the flavor, which was phenomenal thanks to my raw almond dressing.

then i decided to sit down and paint for a while. i seem to be stuck on landscapes of various sorts, especially mountains, and have been using watercolor paints as i have an abundance of those paints and lack the chalk-based paints which i prefer.

then, after such an exciting day, we had raw almond milkshakes. we used soaked almonds, dates, raw honey, a pinch of sea salt, cinnamon, and raw cacao powder. it was so creamy, so delicious... and perfect without being too thick or too rich.

i hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday!

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