Saturday, August 20, 2011

oh, happy day!

my, oh my!
we have the internet again. now, i must praise greatly the peaceful time i had with just my boy and a good book to keep me busy during the day (other than normal household chores and such). and i had a great number of quiet times in which i could retreat to prayer and silent meditation. but it is rather nice to know what's going on in the world again, even if it is mostly bad news. but, i wish to unleash my excitement at having a beautiful six-month-old boy and his sweet little changes as he continues to evolve from a baby to a little boy, what with having two teeth, sitting up unassisted for long time increments (think 30+ minutes!!), and very nearly crawling. and he is quite audible and unafraid with his new little "language", which sounds mostly like ya-ya-ya, la-la-la, and a little maaa-maaa thrown in. (i've gone ahead with the pretense that he was trying to say "mama".) everything is mostly unpacked and put away, with the few random boxes and miscellaneous bagged items strewn about.
i've also completed a product review independent of my blog, but i still wanted to take the opportunity to commend the company for which i was product-testing: domino pads! they are fantastic, comfortable, and honestly, far better than any disposable pad i've ever used. so, you should visit their site and give their products a gander! Domino Pads

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