Monday, August 22, 2011

monday, monday!

i know many of the blogs i follow tend to be in the habits of attaching themes to certain days, such as "manic monday", "wordless wednesday", and so forth. it was because of this that i started doing my own "freeze-frame friday", but i want to add some other themes throughout the week so as to give the blog a little "oomph" of constancy, if that makes sense. something for you to look forward to on any given day! so, i'm going to be certain to put more brainstorming into this idea as to how i can make some regularly-themed posts of interest.

i believe i began something a few weeks ago that i'd like to keep going somewhat regularly, and that's a recommendation of a blog i follow. there are many, many great blogs out there, and they all deserve attention and accolades. but today i want to put a spotlight on The Sunny Raw Kitchen. i enjoy her blog posts and, if you get the chance, you can search her blog for raw recipes. i've used a few myself lately. and i've not been disappointed one bit. think: raw truffles. yes. start salivating now. so, please go visit her blog, and you can even say that you found her via the natural mother (though she won't have any idea who i am -- yet!)... have a blessed day, all! i'll work on more content for future posts!

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