Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog Boost Monday + A Controversial Topic

good morning, all!
i have decided that on these mondays upon which i blog about another blog or website that i like, i shall call them "blog boost mondays". i had a hard time choosing today's featured blog, so i want to highlight TWO blog sites today!

1. rawmazing!
2. peaecful parenting/

anyone who read yesterday's entry will have already seen a mention and link-up of rawmazing's site thanks to a recipe of theirs i used for our dinner last night. and i frequently visit to read their informative and educational postings on anything and everything pertaining to natural parenting. a true gem for the natural mother/parent/family, for sure!

(whew! i have changed a diaper, breastfed, chased a diaperless almost-crawling-but-very-fast baby across the floor, and sang the alphabet four times as a form of entertainment since beginning this entry.)

okay... and now for the controversial part. everyone's favorite debate: vaccines! this will not be an in-depth or exhaustive coverage of vaccines today. i'll just be highlighting some of the major common-sense facts and reasoning pertaining to vaccines and include a few resource links, though these links by no means serve as my only nor my primary resources-- i simply found them most pertinent. the first part is a short but well-informed string of ideas from a fellow mom. just some food for thought on this monday morning!

"The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used."

--Dr. James A. Shannon, National Institutes of Health

(The following in quotations is borrowed from the mind of Lisa M.)
"If vaccines are so effective, why do parents of vaccinated children worry about being around unvaccinated kids?
If vaccines are so effective, why do vaccinated people frequently end up getting the same disease that they were vaccinated against, either at the time of vaccination or the much more serious form of the disease later?
If vaccines are so safe, why do so many children experience horrible adverse reactions, from terrible rashes all the way to death? Some issues from vaccines show up years later as autoimmune diseases--such as intense allergies, heavy metal poisoning issues, cancer, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
Bottom line: vaccination is neither safe nor effective, and vaccinating your kids is tantamount to playing Russian Roulette with their health. Do the research, it's true--don't believe the lies that the AMA and Big Pharma will feed you!
Do the research... (and not the research sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies trying to push their tainted 'products' on you and your loved ones!!!) Vaccines do not prevent illnesses. That's a myth. What truly prevents illness is a strong, uncompromised immune system...and if you've been vaccinated, you no longer have that. And oh, yes...what really eliminated all those diseases in the past was increased sanitation, and better diets. It's all all means, do the research and see for yourself."

I've begun to wonder more and more if my Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a once-rare but growing in commonality auto-immune illness with 'no known cause', is due to my childhood vaccines. I know that because I have had it, it protects me from having to get other vaccinations now such as the flu vaccine. However, I always find it so interesting that any time I knew ANYONE who got the flu vaccine, they got the flu, while i did not... And one friend's son even began to have seizures due to the vaccine. And that's just to name a very few.

Please: be educated. Don't let the doctors and those funded or endorsed by major pharmaceutical developers and marketers try to tell you what's best for you and your child. Follow your instincts. Don't compromise the health of your child. Especially when so young, they cannot possibly articulate how awful the toxic concoction called a 'vaccine' makes them feel as it invades their once-healthy immune system.



Caitlin said...

Do you ever worry that if there are enough people who choose not to be vaccinated, that your child(ren) will be exposed to diseases that may result in death?

Kristen said...

Hey Caitlin,
Thanks for your comment! I don't worry about that, as much as I do about other things... Such as the ingredients. Mercury, animal by-products, formaldehyde, and other toxic ingredients. I'm more afraid of putting those things in the body of a little one-- repeatedly-- and expecting it to positively impact their health as they grow. The diseases that once came about more frequently were by and large due to sanitation issues, such as people not performing the simple task of washing their hands. In many cases, the number of those affected by a certain illness had already begun to decline due to increased immunity-- naturally-- before vaccines for said illnesses were necessarily introduced. But thank you for raising your question!

Ina Mae O'Connor said...

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein,director Homefirst Medical Center, Chicago, states that out of over 30,000 never vaccinated children, he is not aware of any cases of autism. These numbers are too big to ignore. Dr. Hyman, Functional Medicine, believes that autistic children lack the ability to clear the heavy metals. We do know how much aluminum is toxic at one time and that babies vaccinated according to schedule exceed that dosage.