Thursday, August 4, 2011

as the days while themselves away...

i realized i had not posted anything in a couple of days! for shame!

yesterday, i mostly ran errands. i went to whole foods and did some grocery shopping, and i think the only non-raw item i got was bulk organic black beans. all else was organic and raw. that's how most of our shopping ends up, anyway, but we're transitioning back into more raw again. (i say "again", because a year-and-half ago my husband and i were totally raw foodists for two whole months, running from december 2009 to february 2010. the myriad of benefits were fantastic and worthy of praise, indeed.) a high raw diet is truly the best thing for the body, if not all raw. and i was truly in raw foodie heaven last night and today, enjoying the bliss of fantastic fruits. cherries, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, avocadoes, bananas, oranges, pineapple, dates, plums, peaches, etc. and while there yesterday, i took advantage of the salad bar and had two fantastic salads. worried i had overdone it on the weight of the salad bar container, it only came up as a half pound, which meant i ate my heart out of delicious raw salad concoctions for only $4.00. that's not bad, especially with the awesome thai ginger dressing i used... oh-so-good! we also had mango acai white tea...

and i'll stop talking about food now.
my son has gotten a little playful with me in regards to that new little tooth, in a bit of a feisty way. in other words, i've let out a few little yelps while he's been nursing to warn him that he needs to be gentle with mommy and either nurse or not nurse, not to use mommy's nipple as a chew toy. i expected as much, and it will take a little effort and baby educating to understand not to play and that when i produce my breast for him, it's time to nurse and not chew. and he eats plenty of solids that he gets to chew on, as well as utilizing a wonderful little wooden teething toy in the shape of a duck, and his fingers, and mine... and so on. speaking of which, today i made him bananacado mash with a squeeze of fresh orange juice. if you can't guess, it's got banana, avocado, and of course, orange juice... and he loved it. i thought it was pretty yummy, too.

right now i've got a groovy little playlist on, and little boy and i are relaxing underneath the rotating ceiling fan, enjoying the cool small breeze it produces. we're missing daddy as he just left for work. i'd love to go for a walk, but with these ~100 degree temperatures, it's probably not the best idea for him, and i certainly am not one to enjoy the excessive heat of summer. ready for autumn, anyone?

still piecing together possible future giveaways, along with contemplating things, such as books i want to read, and various holistic and alternative educations i want to pursue, and communes/ecovillages i want our family to move into... wow, i'm in a rambling sort of mood this afternoon! how about i stop (for those of you who are still here) and let you enjoy the rest of the day? sounds good to me, too.

love and prayers, and continue to have happy breastfeeding, all!

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