Thursday, August 11, 2011

All hope (nearly) lost!

So, here is my story of life as of late. We were tending my mother-in-law's home and pets last week, and all this week we had been undertaking the frustrating task of moving last-minute with almost no help. Today: all moved, but our internet won't transfer until August 19th! Presently, I am blogging this update from my husband's phone. So, I will update what/when I can in this way until I am granted regular internet access again. I have been getting a lot of things accomplished in the setting up of our new place, and playing with Caden lots, and reading a lot more in the natural light provided by of all our windows, and taking leisurely lavender soaks with a book in our new garden tub... And so on. But I am glad the move is over, however temporary it may be... But I love it here. And I am going to enjoy it while I can.

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