Friday, November 17, 2006

men & women

Men, don't blame women for giving up on you and divorcing you. Some of the blame rightfully belongs to you! Your intense need for their emotional and sexual support, your selfish use of them, your impatience, your angry unmanliness – all this and much more literally creates the resentment within your beloved. Remember, women are much more vulnerable than men. You must be strong for your wife, which will eventually inspire her to be strong for you. So give up your own "hurt feelings" – really anger – toward her for being so emotional and even unreasonable; it’s the result of a frustration you've had a large part in creating or feeding. --David Kupelian,

i just got done reading this article, and while i agree with all of it and find it to be piercing and honest, this particular part stood out to me. it applies to all relationships, even when they've not yet developed into marriage. some issues-- many, in fact-- take root just that early.

just wanted to share. i can't sleep.

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