Friday, August 8, 2014

Turning a dream into reality?

Ever have a dream that seemed like the prelude to something awesome, but you can't quite figure out the meaning or intention of your subconscious?  Whether or not to follow this meandering dreamy idea into a field of fruition?

For example, last night I had a very vivid dream about starting a largely web-based business focusing on decor and artsy-folksy things for the home.  Rustic, simple, but also with modern eco-chic inspiration, as well.  Super eclectic but a mix of rustic farmhouse, new modern, and mid-century modern.  Maybe more-- I'm not always great with genres.  I can't really explain it very well, except to say that it was a very cool concept.  A marriage of vintage, farm, and beautiful new things to create something different all together.

And the dream was complete down to the name of the business and the branding/logo: The Level Nest.  Home + Living: Simplified.  I sketched it out this morning so I wouldn't forget what it looked like...  Makes me think I should actually look into starting this thing somehow.  I definitely have the vision and passion for it; now it would just seem that I need financial backings and the spark to ignite this flame, burning through the hazy mesh of dreams into the brighter light of reality.

Something to ponder, anyway.

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