Sunday, August 10, 2014

a surprise on the way.

yep, that's right.

there is a new blog concept + website on the way from yours truly, already in the works.

if you read the previous post, then you already have an idea of what i have in store.  lots of brainstorming and planning and sketching and scratch-throughs and designing and picking apart of things has been transpiring.  i have an excellent and very wise consultant to thank for that.

i would like to know your thoughts, though, as i prepare to shift to a whole new blog and website.  things people are interested in learning, observing, taking part in, gleaning tips and hacks from, etc.  i am starting from scratch, so to speak, so input and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

i will be sharing things here as i prepare to launch the new site-- sneakpeaks, tidbits, updates. if it tickles your fancy, then share the love with my work in progress once it goes live!

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