Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Blog Award!

I would like to give a hearty and sincere "Thank you!" to my dear friend This Flourishing Life... She has generously bestowed upon me my first-ever blogging award, for which I am truly grateful!

By accepting this award I agree to do the following:
•Thank the blogger who awarded me with a link back to him/her.
•Share seven things about myself.
•Pass the award on to seven other newly discovered blogs.

So here are seven things:
1. I am a huge advocate of all things organic, natural, fresh, local, and sustainable.
2. I love my sweet son more than words can ever describe.
3. I had a natural, unmedicated homebirth.
4. I tend to have some controversial views on a lot of things.
5. When I feel that I have found a true friend, I am fiercely loyal, even if I don't get to see/talk with/visit as often as I'd like, or at all...
6. I am an artist at heart, but have laid those passions aside in exchange for the blessings and sometimes challenging rewards of motherhood.
7. I am about 30 credit hours away from finishing my Bachelors degree (ten year plan, anyone?), but have come to feel that college is one of the biggest scams in America, in many ways, and would prefer to become an herbalist and pursue a doula certification to become a natural childbirth educator.

And my seven blogs I nominate...
1. This Flourishing Life (she already won, but she is worthy of more than one!) - A blog about God & all things natural and organic and happy!
2. Reinventing Lolli - A new mom who talks about natural living, cloth diapering, and more!
3. Misadventures of A Family of 8 (also already nominated, but again, deserving more!) - Kate is all over the place with her stories of her sweet not-so-little family!
4. Renewable Mommy - A new mom who writes about all things green, and more!
5. Eat.Pray.Love.Run, my fabulous (step)sister's blog, though I think of her as a real sister!
6. Natural Urban Mamas - The name says it all!
7. And last but certainly NOT least, a new FAVORITE: Naturally Mamas - A group of several natural moms who work collaboratively on this fantastic blog.

Enjoy! And congratulations to these and so many other fabulous bloggers out there! If you know or are one of these bloggers mentioned, I'd love to hear from you so I know that you got your award and know how loved and appreciated you are!


Becky @ NaturallyMamas said...

Wow! Thank you for the support! We'll work on a post with some facts about us and return the favor asap :)

TwinsMamaKat said...

Oh you're such a doll! Thanks so much for supporting us! (CMFFIN)