Thursday, July 28, 2011


something i need right about now.

well, no luck with the import of my tumblr blog thus far. i've found several programs and such online and have tried my hand at them, with no luck. i'd really like to move all my old food posts here, as well as all pertaining to birth, cloth diapering, etc.

aside from my publishing issues, how is everyone's thursday going thus far?

the child i keep in addition to my own son is having some sort of meltdown right now, and nothing i've done has been able to calm him. think incessant screaming, and two bottles and toys and music and small crib attachments spinning over his head and a clean diaper have not quieted him... so i don't exactly know what to do. and i have a headache creeping on. please don't let this last all day... thankfully, my sweet son is sitting next to me, calm and complacent. but i can deal with this, right? i hope so.

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Alexandria said...

Awww, I hate this will be your "last" memory of keeping Brayden :( Again I'm truly sorry, not sure what has been going on with him. Maybe, besides the growing pains, he was a little jealous that he was the only precious little one there and not getting all the attention. One may never know but he's been back to his normal self the past couple days so we're thankful for that! By the way, loving the blog, I wanted to start one during my pregnancy and now afterwards but I've yet to do that .. maybe one day :-)
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