Saturday, July 30, 2011

oh ramble, ramble.

so, i've just had a bit of purely decadent coconut milk ice cream... and purely decadent, it was. turtle trails has always been one of my favorite flavors. and it's so good.

in other news, i've not made any progress with importing my other blog. so i may just have to post things borrowing from old entries from time to time. 'tis a shame that combining a blog isn't more simple. but i shall persevere!

this weekend has consisted of food, goodwill shopping, and more food-- eating, shopping. we haven't eaten out, as i make most of our meals. we only eat out on the good nature of my dear parents-in-law, and that's about once a week, sometimes less. we love to shop at earthfare, and tend to consume our food rather quickly. (my theory on this is because we eat a mostly-raw diet, as much as possible... and the fuel is so clean-burning that it just gets used right up by our bodies, so we eat more, and thus have to shop more...). they [earthfare] are growing, now, but they started out with just a few stores in north carolina, then georgia, then south carolina... and so they've spread across multiple states now. we prefer to shop with them rather than whole foods, though i do still have a soft spot for whole foods. any place serving up organics and wholesome items is appreciated, even if they offer some things that are less-than-desirable, such as dreaded GMOs. so, i steer clear of anything that may suspiciously contain them in any way possible. this is also done by shopping at our local saturday farmers' market. organics all the way-- biodynamic, sustainable, honest, good for people, good for the earth. i just really love food. (i promise i'm not a glutton.)

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