Sunday, July 31, 2011

giveaways and such

one thing i have recently acquired is giveaway fever... in that i really enjoy trying to win things like cloth diapers and gift cards to use for my son while also trying to help promote work-at-home-moms and small businesses that always appreciate that extra word-of-mouth boost of positive feedback. and when i am really interested in, intrigued by, or already had exposure to a product or business and love it, by golly, i'm going to let everyone know about its awesomeness!

in other news, my son is making great strides toward sitting alone for prolonged periods and also crawling! three cheers for my persistent little boy!!

and last but not least, i'll be sharing a blog or few that i absolutely love each week. this week, i'd like to feature "This Flourishing Life", a natural mom like myself who loves the LORD with all her heart. her blog is definitely worth checking out!

This Flourishing Life

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Erica said...

So, at the risk of sounding too stalkerish, I'll go ahead and say it anyway...I noticed you haven't been around on my facebook page recently (This Flourishing Life), so I clicked your name on facebook (Don't get scared off :-/), and saw the link to your blog. Decided to check out and came across my "button." You're too sweet. I've really appreciated your encouragement. Hope to "see" you around soon mama!