Saturday, November 25, 2006

after all

thanksgiving has come and gone yet again. this year, i spent it with both jeffrey's family and my own. we arose early thursday morning to travel to atlanta to spend the day with jeff's brother, nathan, and his wife, monica. all of monica and nathan's family members were invited to their home for the occasion, and it was quite a lively bunch. children running everywhere, adults talking, dogs barking at each other and scurrying beneath tables and feet. and the food. the food was wonderful; thanksgiving dishes are so looked forward to and highly anticipated as well as eagerly awaited. after putting in a fair amount of time at their household (and having an acorn fight in their front yard beneath the huge oaks-- very fun, i might add), jeff and i drove to lincolnton to visit with my mother's family. they were having low-country boil, not quite as traditional of a thanksgiving dinner. we didn't stay as long as the day had begun to wane into darkness, and we were both very tired and eager to get back to augusta. so, it was a good thanksgiving and, on the whole, i feel that we appeased both our families with our appearances at their get-togethers. i didn't get to see my dad or his side of the family, but really, ever since my parents have been divorced, i don't think we've shared or celebrated a thanksgiving together at all. anyway, surrounding all these events are merely the cyclical activities of attending school and working-- all day. and i've recently come to the conclusion that i will need to sell my dog. . . i simply cannot be there with her and under the circumstances the property on which i live has assigned to me to worry over, i simply cannot keep her. i've listed her on, but i don't feel very good about doing so at all. i love her to death, but i suppose it is just not a good time to have a dog. i am seldom there with her to work on her house-training and monitor her behavior and well-being throughout the day. unfortunately, selling rylee is the conclusion that seems to best solve the dilemma. it really does trouble me.

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